Abbreviated Update

16 Jun

I keep meaning and meaning to write, but have had so much on my plate lately.  It’s like my life went from zero to sixty after my surgery.  In fact, I had the surgery and just continued on as if nothing had changed.  In fact, it gave me a stable base, I feel.

I was so worried about what a roller coaster post-op would be, but I think that’s mainly the norm for RAI patients.  For me, the roller coaster was the part where I came to peace with my decision and finally went at it with some grace.  Physically, though with RAI, there’s no way to fully know how much or how long it will take to kill off some/all of your thyroid cells, so there is major fluctuation between what your thyroid is producing and the meds.  With surgery, once it’s out, you can calculate that it is producing exactly zero thyroid hormone and you start with a simple formula for replacement medication:

1.7 mcg/kg/day

So, if I weigh approximately 66.5 kg, I multiply that by 1.7 = 113ish

I started on a dose of 112mcg/day and am due for my labs at the end of the month.  Actually should be sooner, but my Endocrinologist is out of the country until then and it’s a fairly simple calculation – and she is flexible with my requests because I’ve been such a responsible patient, and she’s seen me every 3-4 months for the last 6 years….

But, I feel pretty good. Here are the bullet points that may or may not be related to the actual surgery or synthroid:

  • Skin has been more sensitive – more prone to contact dermatitis from a specific pair of shoes that were mildly irritating pre-surgery
  • Went through a period of intensely dry lips & cracking on the corners – have a feeling it was any combination of the following: hard to keep hydrated no matter how much water I drink (strange sounding, I know, but don’t ask me how I figured this out); slight anemia during one week that coincided with my worst symptom; good bacteria had not grown back sufficiently after all the harsh drugs and prophylactic antibiotics (was having severe digestive issues for the first several weeks)
  • Have added B-12, probiotics, and Vitamin D to my daily regimen

Hard to remember the transient symptoms, but bloating easily from any food by the end of the day.  Frequent, persistent stomach aches (these come and go already, but they were more frequent).  Sensitive skin & dry lips feel related to me.

Also, for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been having the weirdest sensations at my incision site.  I think it’s the nerves growing back together.  I was aware that the skin above the scar would be numb for several months and it has been.  First it started as a weird itching directly on the scar, like dry skin that’s being stretched, it itches but some shea butter would make it feel so much better.  So that’s what I did, I applied shea butter and it made it feel less itchy.

*I should note here that I bought Mederma, but haven’t really been using it.  It seemed too harsh to put something that dissolves layers of skin somewhere that’s trying to grow new layers.  I’ll try it a bit later, just seemed too soon even if the package says it’s okay.*

Now that itch has turned into a pinching/burning sort of sensation that lasts for 20-30 seconds at a time.  Then it disappears and comes back randomly throughout the day or night.  I really think it’s the nerves growing back together because when I rub the numb area, I’m starting to feel it a tiny bit nearer to the either end of the scar.  It’s very similar to when you go to the dentist and they numb you.  As the feeling comes back little by little, just imagine it dragged out over the course of several months.

I have to say, if these are my only issues, it’s not so bad.  The dry lips thing is highly irritating, but it’s better than palpitations and panic attacks.  It’s like the layer of skin is tight over my lips, it’s not cracking and peeling, or anything really gross.  You couldn’t even tell by looking, it just feels annoying.

So, sorry for the disjointed post, but in winding down from work, with the limited brain capacity I have after a Friday night of non-stop action, I thought this might be the best use of my time since I can’t really do anything too demanding.  I’m not even going to bother re-reading and editing, which I normally would do because now I’m tired and need some sleep.  I hope most of my sentences aren’t too awkward.

P.S. – Go back one post and look, I added a picture of my accidental dessert for breakfast.


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