Quick update…

06 Feb

I’m getting an ultrasound of my thyroid in the morning.  I meant to post the schedule of events leading up to the surgery.  I’ll do that in the next couple of days.  The surgeon wants to get a 3-D image of my thyroid so he can see what he’s dealing with.  I’m sort of looking forward to it since it’s non-invasive and I’m curious to see exactly how big it is. Mainly for my own weird obsession with knowing quantifiable facts regarding my current condition.  I like math and puzzles.  It’s probably related to that.  It will also be an exercise in humility, as I’m always aiming to distract from my neck and I’ll have my boyfriend in the room while they are focusing on it.  It’s good character building exercise and it’s my last few chances to do it with my thyroid, so I’m taking full advantage.  I don’t want to maintain the “get rid of this thing” attitude.  I want to send it off lovingly and with my own brand of integrity.

I was planning on inserting a hilarious clip of 30 Rock character Tracy Jordan singing “My girl has a fat neck”  or   “Fat neck girl…  let me count your neck rings”   …you’ll have to appreciate from memory or pass it off as dumb if you are not a fan or watcher of the show.


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